We Support Renata Sos for Moraga Town Council

Candace Andersen, Chair, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

Lynda Deshambault, former Moraga mayor

Mike Metcalf, former Moraga Mayor

Dave Trotter, former Moraga Mayor

Bill Vaughn, former Moraga Mayor

Suzanne D’Arcy, Planning Commissioner

Ben Helber, Planning Commissioner

Kerry Hillis, Planning Commissioner

Suzanne Jones, founder, Preserve Lamorinda Open Space

Andrew Lueder, Planning Commissioner

Brenda Luster, Planning Commissioner

Dick Olsen, Former Moraga Fire Commissioner and MOFD Director

Kathy Ranstrom, Past President, MSD Governing Board; Past President, MEF

Tom Schnurr, Former Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission

Sam and Susan Sperry, Moraga Citizens of the Year 2018

Amy Worth, Vice-Mayor City of Orinda

Roger Wykle, Former Moraga Mayor

League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay

Sierra Club

Cassie and Steve Allen

Chuck and Kim Anderson

Fiona and Patrick Artiaga

Kristen Beckwith

Barry and Sue Behr

Mary Lou and Jan Blumer

Scott Bowhay

Tina Brier

Lynn Champagne

Paul and Vicky Cohune

Harry and Lisa Crouch

Serina and Tim Culleton

Heather Davis

Stephanie Dickerson

Bill and Liz Faoro

Robin Fielding

Carol and Larry Haag

Laura Halvorsen

Brita and Dave Harris

Annette and Daniel Herbert

Jeff and Minh Huebner

Melissa and Mike Isola

Jon and Megan Leuteneker

Amanda and Brett Lorie

Susan Marconi

Katie and Stewart McGuire

Tim Meltzer

Sharon Metcalf

Chris and Tricia Midthun

Ana Moon

Maridel Moulton

Brent Myers

Ben Olsen

Sue Olsen

Dave Parker

Chris and Niki Peterson

Bobbie and Tom Preston

Jon Ranstrom

Tara Rochlin

Kris and Rick Schaffel

David Shapiro 

Lynda and Peter Snell

Bill Snider

Sonja Schoenwald

Casey and Malcolm Sproul

Keller Strother

Sterling Strother

Larry Tessler

Susan Thompson

Debby Trotter